CACS Board of Trustees Nomination Process

This document provides information for individuals considering a nomination to the CACS Board of Trustees. Nomination forms must be submitted for candidates to be considered by the Nominating Committee by August 31, 2017. This document explains the nominating/voting process and the general structure of the CACS governing body.

Board Positions Available
The Board of Trustees is made up of five officers and twelve directors. The Executive Officers will be filled from current Officers (not open for nominations unless otherwise announced). The remaining 12 positions are open for nominations. Individuals considering nominations are advised to read this entire document carefully to understand eligibility requirements and time commitments.

Nomination Process
At the time the nominating process is open; candidates will be invited to submit a Candidate Interest Form. The form asks the applicant provide three position choices (in order of preference). All forms will be reviewed and screened by the Nominating Committee.

At the close of the nominations process, the Nominating Committee will then prepare a slate of Officers and Directors to present for a vote of the Chapter membership. The membership will vote on the Slate of Officers and Directors, at the Annual Meeting, November 3, 2017. If the slate is not contested, then the results of the membership voting will be considered official and final.

In the event of a contest the final Slate of Officers and Directors, an individual may submit an official petition to place his/her name in nomination. Upon completion of the petition requirements and declaration of a successful contest, a special ballot for the subject position(s) will be distributed to the membership for a final vote. The results of the vote for that subject position will be considered official and final.

Important Dates

7/7/2017 – Nominations open—forms available
8/31/2017 – Nominations forms due
10/1/2017 – Slate presented to membership
11/3/2017 – Membership vote on slate at Annual Meeting
11/3/2017 – New board members take office

Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees consists of the following seventeen positions, five of which are designated as Officers and comprise the Executive Committee. The remaining twelve positions are designated as Directors and coordinate specific program and project tasks.

Board Eligibility
Any member of CACS in good standing is eligible to be elected to the Board of Trustees as an officer and/or director.

Term of Office
All officers and directors take office on November 3, 2017. Officers serve one-year terms and directors serve (3) two-year terms or (2) three-year terms or until a successor assumes a vacated position.

Roles and Responsibilities
See attached info

Commitment and Time Requirements
The Board of Trustees meet by conference call each month for 1 hour and in person once a year at the annual conference. All board members must maintain their membership in good standing throughout the term of office. Each board member is asked to contribute annually to the Equivalency Fund at their desired level.